Data_area attribute - 3D BAG

The CITYJSON of 3DBAG has an attribute called data_area. In the documentation: Data Attributes - 3D BAG there is no description of this field. Is data_area the roof surface of a building (in the 3D way for slanted roofs) or is it the ground surface of a building (in the flat 2D way)?


Hi @Davidswinkels , indeed, we this is an attribute that we were using for internal quality control and it might not stay in the 3D BAG. This is why it is not docmented.

But the data_area is the area of a surface that is covered with points in the point cloud. Sometimes there are gaps in the point cloud this attribute helps us to know a bit more about these gaps.

Hey Balazs. Thanks for the clear info to know what it is :slight_smile: