Looking for a dataset providing the height of buildings in the Netherlands

I’m looking for a dataset which provides the height of buildings in The Netherland for specific latitude/longitude coordinates or geometry. In the past, there was a dataset called “3d gebouwhoogte nl” available, but I can’t find/access this dataset anymore. It seems that it is unavailable. Does anyone know where I can access this dataset or find a similar one?

Hi Jody,

Try this one: http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/downloads



Dear Klaas,

thank you for your response. I chose one folder and converted the ‘pand’ data into a shapefile. Is that the right data category? It appears that the data is for Amersfoort. Do you know if the 3dbag file contains the height of buildings in the area of Amsterdam as well? Next to that, I can only see that some polygons are colored, but I do not see the differences in height.

Let me be more clear: http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/data/gpkg/bag3d_2019-05-28.gpkg
is a geopackage with all the Dutch 2D building footprints. With the attributes (ground-… and roof-… for the different percentiles) you can create the 3D buildings in LOD1, a.k.a. the shoebox versions.

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