Retrieving Building Use Group Attributes / Addresses from PAND IDs

I would like to obtain the Building Use Group attribute (such as Business, Educational, Residential, etc.) for each building based on its pand id. If I have the address as the pand attribute, I may develop a pipeline to acquire this attribute. The current online 3D Viewer allows searching through addresses, which is helpful. However, it cannot do the reverse operation: displaying the address of a selected building. What makes me frustrated is that I cannot even search through the Pand id like “NL.IMBAG.Pand.0855100000019759”. This makes it nearly impossible to identify the building I am working with. Does anyone know how to retrieve the address or directly obtain the Building Use Group attribute using the pand id?

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To get a beter understanding of your question, which 3D viewer are you referring to? The 3DBAG Viewer or the PDOK 3D-Viewer?

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I only knew 3DBAG before. And the two viewers are similar in terms of my need.

We are working on the OGC API Features, also for the BAG (planned this year), perhaps this could be a solution for your problem?
To get some ideas about the use of this API check out the demo OGC API Features for the large scale topography BGT Beware it is a demo version and contains not the BAG data and no 3Dview info you are probably looking for.