True Orthophotos

I’m building a machine learning model to detect various objects on building rooftops and have decided use a combination of AHN and BM5 as input data.

However, since the BM5 images are not true orthophotos, they suffers from significant parallax distortion in comparisom to AHN-based rasters.

It has come to my attention that several organisations have already gone through the trouble of producing true orthoimagery for the Netherlands, and it seems a bit weird that Kadaster hasn’t caught up to them, yet, at least to my best knowledge.

Anyway, I was wondering if is there is a public source for such images or at least a relatively simple method to produce them from BM5 and the AHN DSM? I don’t need to have process the whole country at once; only around 500x500 m tiles, at most, and I don’t care about managing occulted areas because I’ll be masking the output image with BAG polygons.


You could try to use the dense matching point cloud provided with de Basisvoorziening 3D for this purpose?