TUDelft 3DBAG PostgreSQL data dump

Hello people,

Is there a way to download the TUDelft 3DBAG dataset with only 2D data or attributes (basically only the height is needed)? The PostgreSQL dump is too large to handle (35G).

Thank you for any advices!

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I think there is no posibility. For what purpose? Sound more logical to use the normal BAG service with gis contours/data?

BAG viewer (kadaster.nl)

obj files don’t have lod0. The json files have, but you would still need to filter them out per tile.
Modelling of with FME , whatever.


Thanks for your info, halam. Normal BAG service can indeed extract the polygon of the buildings. But I also need the height of them.

@deyong You can use the WFS service from 3d BAG.
Webservices - 3D BAG

Anyone looking for the same solution: I ended up downloading the full postgres dump and specify the tables that I need using pg_restore.
But be sure to import the pand table first. Other tables has a dependency on it.
pg_restore … --format=directory -t pand … /filefolder
pg_restore … --format=directory -t lod11_2d … /filefolder

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Another possibility is downloading from the Noise building datasets (building geometries are needed for calculating sound transmission and reflection), see PDOK - 3D geluid downloads and https://download.pdok.nl/kadaster/3d-geluid/v1_0/2020/gebouwen/2020_NL_3d_geluid_gebouwen.zip (2D + height). Zipped geopackage, data version 2022.04.06