Wish - Photogrammetry 3d map dataset



I didn’t find any information about this type of dataset ''photogrammetry 3d map" on the forum.
I can imagine that this is a hot topic.

It is by the way more about visualisation than semantic data.
Is there any plan from the Overheid to create such dataset?

There are only two dataset providers that I know of with a semi global coverage (selected cities): Microsoft’s bing maps 3d, and Apple’s Mapkit 3d.
Both are big private companies. Google is not providing any services for it’s google earth 3d.

Concerning the pointlcloud, I think that it is great for measurements, but it’s not really meant to be textured, isn’t it? It gives an accurate 3d model but it is quiet far from the 3d ‘photoreal’ look that provides 3d photogrammetric maps.

Also, It seems that multiple angles, oblique low aerial photographs could be a starting point to a photogrammetry map of Holland. Maybe some people will start mapping holland with their drones?