Developed Python CLI to easily download AHN point cloud data

I have developed Python command line tool to download AHN point cloud data in LAS/LAZ data format.

With this CLI, you can specify

  • city name you download
  • classification classes to include or exclude
  • polygon to clip your point cloud
  • decimate to make data smaller

I hope this will help you to be more productive.
I’m very welcome to your GitHub stars :smile:

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That will make big files. What’s the aim for usage?

Since official AHN only alllows us to donwload rectangular shaphed LAS file but in real usecase we want to download LAS file of specific city or area of interest.
The CLI allows you to specify bounding box (you can choose very small area as well) or city name to download. It also can filter classification classes and decimate to deduce file size. It aims to replace what you used to do with downloading and filtering out with CloudCompare.


Hi! I could be very nice if users were able to download AHN data for a plot easily. A request for the boundary of a plot which needs to be transformed to be aligned to a certain ‘0,0’ point in the center. Could this be done using this python code further?

The plot (boundary box) comming from this great piece of code to save the plot as IFC.

I managed to use the code. I gives huge amount of data, 8GB LAZ for Delft, as expected :slight_smile: This code could be extremely useful if it could taget a certain. plot

Like the feature for IFC plot

Also, many cities are not on ‘the list’ Where is the list?

nb It looks Delft is the only one on the list

ahn_cli/tests/fetcher/ at main · HideBa/ahn_cli (

Youtube as demo